Grant making is the core defining characteristics of a Community Foundation. Funding from the Global Fund for Community Foundations and interest accrued from the Endowment Fund investment in 2008 enabled the Akuapem CF to undertake it first round of grants.

First disbursements took place in April 2009 and are making a difference to people’s live through the provisioning of prosthetic limbs to accident victims, financial support for a medical and an electrical engineering students who both successfully completed their tertiary education. Farmer groups have also been supported to grow cash crops.

Currently there are about 4000 students at various levels who need support in the Akuapem Traditional Area and beyond. There is a clear indication that more students are passing even from the zero pass schools to enter second cycle or to learn a trade or skill at the Vocational Level.

We want to engage in selective sponsorship i.e. giving small grants to cover the following for those going to:

Senior High Schools and Senior Technical Schools:
i. Approved fees for second cycle institutions, boarding fees for those who do not have access to day schools
ii. Selective literature/supplementary books (core) and exercise books

Vocational Schools:
i. Vocational and Apprenticeship fees
ii. Tools

Tertiary Institutions:
i. Fees for hostel or registration

Akuapem CF has over the years address many social issues targeted at our thematic areas:
• Quality Education
• Health
• Environment and Sanitation
• Youth Counselling
• Guidance and Skills Training
• Economic Empowerment and Peace Buiding

We placed so much emphasis upon improving the quality of education in the Akuapem Traditional Area and beyond which involves:
• The Annual Akuapem Education Day
• Stocking Libraries
• Best Pupil Award
• Promoting the construction of improved teachers accommodation and the provision of other incentives for teachers
• Promotion of Youth Bank
• Teacher Development Project