Our History

The Akuapem Community Foundation (Akuapem CF) was registered in 2005, and is the first of its kind in Western Africa. It evolved out of the Akuapem Forum of stakeholders (Students; Parents; Traditional Leaders; Ministers of State; School Headmasters; Districts Assemblies, etc) convened by Nana Oye Mansa Yeboaa, Dompiahene of Akuapem (and first and current Lead Coordinator of Akuapem CF), to discuss developmental issues focused on education, the youth, gender, morality, public affairs, and other charitable disability needs in Akuapem Traditional Area, which comprise two Administrative Districts (Akuapem North and South) having a total population of about 225,000

Soon after the last series of Akuapem Forum meetings in 2003. Nana Oye Mansa was introduced to the CF concept which she recognized as a vehicle for addressing the major problems identified, during the Akuapem Forum meetings, as constraining development in Akuapem and beyond.

Following visits to South Africa, made with World Bank support, Nana Oye Mansa Yeboaa, along with 17 other spirited people of Akuapem descent, founded the Akuapem CF as an organization for mobilizing time, talents and treasure (the ‘3T’s) towards developing the Akuapem Traditional Area and beyond. This initiative culminated in the launch of the Akuapem CF Endowment Fund with the support of Merchant Bank, Ghana Limited in 2006.